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Dried Red Hibiscus Flowers

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With these dried hibiscus flowers you can make jus de bissap. This drink is very popular in Africa, but also in other parts of the world. Bissap is the name that is used in Senegal, in other countries of Africa it is known as “Karkadé”, “Sobolo”, “Zobo” of “Wonjo”. Besides being tasteful, it can also lower the blood pressure, it is rich in proteines, Vitamin C, anti-oxidants and minerals. In India women use bissap against hairloss and dandruff and to strengthen the hair.

Jus de bissap can be drunk hot or cold as infusion, but bissap can also be used to create a jelly or jam.

We also sell a white variety that has a slightly more sour, fresher flavour than the red leaves.

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Dried Red Hibiscus Flowers – Package of 125 grams


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