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Bredes Mafana

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Brèdes mafana (Spilanthes Acmella) is eaten on Madagascar, the Comoros and Reunion Island. The leaves and the flowers are used as basis for the national dish of Madagascar: “le romazava”.

The plant has the reputation of being helpful against fluid retention, for improving digestion and being beneficiary for someone with asthma.

I lack the words to describe the effect this plant has on your tongue. It’s simply indescribable, but I am going to try anyway! 🙂
It is as if miniature fireworks are being lit on your taste buds! It’s not spicy, do not worry… If you want to reduce the effect, drinking milk will help.
The first few bites will be a surprise, but then you get used to the weird effect and you will start to love the taste of brèdes mafana.

It is really one of my favourite ingredients and something you must try at least once in your life!

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Bredes Mafana – Tin of 400 grams


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