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Lekker Afrika is a webshop which sells African food products.

No matter the product we sell (from ground crayfish to rare red peppercorns), we try to offer the best quality through our entire product range!

We believe that our passion for African products makes this challenge worth it!

African Cuisine

Here in the Netherlands, meals are traditionally composed of meat, potatoes and vegetables being next to each other on the plate. For the ones among you who do not know African cuisine, it is often about mixing the ingredients together to obtain a sort of stew that you can eat with a variety of different doughs (fufu) on the side, which you can dip in the stew. For many dishes we have published recipes on our website.

The meals often contain meat or fish and tomatoes, onions and garlic. But the ingredients that are unknown in Europe are what make the African dishes so special. For instance, have a look at the description of Bredes Mafana in our webshop. There you can also find a selection of special peppers and spices. In short, everything you need to get started in the kitchen!


muzieknoot When my family and I have dinner here in the Netherlands, we always put a bit of music on of the country of origin of the meal. This way, it always feel like the right ambiance! I would like you to have the same experience and therefore we included for every recipe on our website a suggestion for an artist and album to listen to while you enjoy your meal.

Good Cause

At Lekker Afrika, apart from selling special products and publishing delicious recipes, we also try to help Africa. We will donate 5% of our net profit to the school “La Bergerie de Dieu” in Abomey- Calavi, Benin (West Africa) to support the children and give them a chance of a better life.

Each purchased product in our webshop contributes to give access to education to a child there. Despite public school being free of charge in Benin, school supplies remain too expensive for some parents. As a result, children cannot study in good conditions.

The financial support from Lekker Afrika allows the school to provide children in need with a full school kit including a paper notebook, a pen, a pencil, a rubber, a pencil-sharpener, a ruler, a slate, and some chalks.


Like us on Facebook Ideally, we would like as many African countries as possible to appear on our site. You can help us by posting a recipe from one of the many countries we still miss. Adding new recipes from a country we already have is also good of course! You can send us your recipe on our Contact page, or via our Facebook page. Of course, we will add your name below the recipe (if you want).

Via the Facebook page of Lekker Afrika, it is my goal to create a space where people can share their culture, cuisine and cooking skills.


The Lekker Afrika Team